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Bullies are the scourge of humankind. The world would be a much better place without 'THE BULLY'

They live amongst us. Government leaders to lowly beggars, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, and school children. We encounter bullies on roads, amongst civil servants and so many many more that the list would be endless - all because they weren’t told how wrong and unacceptable bullying is.

Bullies become bullies from a very young age - the formative years.
They learn the ‘skill and the rewards’ of bullying long before discovering the damage it causes to others and themselves. This characteristic needs to be dealt with as early as possible to avoid permanent establishment of the condition.

Schools are full of bullies and ‘passive on-lookers’ who do nothing as well as those who ‘side with the bully to avoid becoming a victim’ 

Teachers and leaders all play a role in making life-time bullies if they are allowed to continue practicing their ‘nasty skill’ at school.

This program will stop bullying in your class and in your school right away.

Just in passing - don’t get uptight about the dragon - they have never existed - SO WE BELIEVE !
The lesson Guidelines contains a story and clear instructions for each activity. The story forms the basis for the lessons and it is based on true bullying incidents. The story is about a group of school children who embark on a mountain hike. The story deals with the bullying of one child in particular which results in a life or death situation. The children are left alone in a cave as the guide and the teacher have to leave to get help for the bullied child. While alone in the cave, a dragon appears. After the initial shock, the children listen to the wise words of the dragon who has lived in the Drakensberg mountains for many, many years. The story is divided into two and there are activities to go with each half of the story. The main activity is the beading of a dragon promise band which hopefully, they will wear for many years. We include 'illusion pictures' of dragons and a cardboard dragon for the classroom. The illusion dragons serve to make the children realise the importance of how you look at things. Initially they may not see the dragon in the print but as they look deeper, the dragon will appear. How they see other people is important too. They can either just look at the appearance of the person without bothering to look deeper and to see the real person. You may wonder why we have chosen a dragon to deal with bullying and the reason is that dragons are mythical creatures which have license to say what they like without being criticized. And who knows, perhaps dragons do still exist and there just maybe one hiding in a remote cave in the Drakensberg.
At the end of the first part of the story the children are required to bring a stone to school the next day. In the story, the children have to take responsibility for the part they played in the bullying activity, whether active, passive or simply quiet spectators. Whatever their role, the Dragon makes it clear that they have been involved in bullying. They all need to write their names on a stone. The children emulate the children in the story and as a class they either build a cairn or line a path with their very visual commitment to putting an end to bullying.
The Bully Banned

The wearing of a wrist band is a constant reminder to the committment to stop bullying. The band is easy to make and can be worn by children and adults alike. We have used round plastic or wooden beads and wooden discs.The colours we have chosen try to show the beauty of a dragon and the discs represent the spikes down the back of dragons. The two bright red beads represent the eyes of the dragon. The elastic we have used is tough and should last for a very long time. Clear instructions and a beading tray are included for each child.
Every kit is supplied with  step by step pictorial instructions
This peak of the Berg is called n'Tunja, or 'the eye' and in our story the dragon's name is n'Tunja as he has spent hundreds of years watching the behaviour of humans and in particular, the bully behaviour. The dragon encourages the children to 'see' beyond the physical or mental disabilities which cause them to bully others. (This mountain is also known as ('Gatberg') This cardboard 3D dragon is packed in a folded down form. All you as the teacher have to do is cut it out, fold along the dotted lines and stick the edges together where indicated. There is only one dragon for each class. Following the clear instructions will help you create this dragon and the 3D illusion is astounding. The head of the dragon appears to follow you as you walk past and he will definitely keep an eye on every child in the class. The completed dragon stands 16cm tall and should be placed in the classroom where the children can see it.
Cathkin Peak plays an important part in our story in that it is in this area the hike takes place. The Zulu name for Cathkin is 'Mdedelelo' which means 'the Bully'. This is because the mountain appears to be pushing all others out of its way. There is a range of sharply pointed mountains which run between Cathkin and n'Tunja called 'The Dragon's Back'.
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What is included in the Classroom Program?

The teachers get:
· The Classroom Guidelines which includes the story and facts about bullying. The story, which is based on
true events, is an essential ingredient in bringing about a decision to stop any bullying now and possibly
· A cardboard dragon for each classroom.
· Sufficient stereograph pictures (3D Images) are supplied to be handed out to every learner at a certain
point in the program and instructions on how to use them are included.
· Complete instructional & pictorial guides for the beading exercise and other activities are included.

The children get:
· A 'Bully Banned' bead kit with clear instructions and a bead tray to work from. The beads vary in colour but
all include plastic and wooden beads and strong elastic.
The price will vary dependent on your Order Quantity.
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