I cannot begin to tell you how simple and easy it is to make this most exceptional 'Momski'        (Mom's key-ring)
every now and then we produce
something quite exceptional
Simply put ... if you can thread beads onto a length of twine and repeat a simple pattern, then you can make this delightfull key-ring.
The pictorial instructions are superbly clear.

Thread 5 little glass beads then
1 glass oval. Do this 3 times and
thread through the heart.

Repeat this pattern again and
thread through the clasp.

Keep doing this until you
have threaded 6 strands.

Tie the two ends together
and clip the clasp onto
the split -ring.
Everything you need to complete the item as pictured is supplied
Every Kit gets a set of instructions and is supplied in our new format which includes a bead tray.