The Christmas beetle is a dull, brown, insignificant insect. This is probably the reason why the cicada bug has become known as the Christmas Beetle. The cicada has wings with bright colours of green, red and gold (definitely Christmas colours) and the sound it makes is always associated with Christmas. For these reasons, we have chosen the cicada as our Christmas Beetle. Each kit comes with everything the child will need to produce a truly beautiful Christmas Beetle. Every Christmas tree should have one. The cicada is non-religious so all children can feel free to make one. Children from 10 years old should manage easily.
The accompanying story is delightful.
The Christmas Beetle
is our feature item this year
Item  235 - Age Guide 8yrs plus R12.50 per Kit
These Christmas kits are all firm favourites and have been made up by children every year for the past 25 years or so. The colours of the star and angel vary. The weaving beading method used for the Angel, Father Christmas and Santa is fun to do and not difficult at all.
The easiest kit this Christmas is the Popsicle and children from 5 years will manage to complete the decoration. The beads are threaded onto a chenille stem and although we include a pattern, the child can create his or her own decoration. There is a story with this kit.
These kits are favourites from the past few years. The 'Calabash of Treasures' is a non-religeous item it and comes with an African myth which deals with 'unseen gifts' such as love, friendship, honesty etc. With the pandemic having taken over our lives this past year, the 'unseen gifts' should maybe be the ones we should all concentrate on this Christmas.
These Christmas Minnies are s​uch fun to make.
The Festive Group includes Treaty Tree, Holly Bell, Alfie the elf, Angie the angel,
Snowy the snowman and Mr. Clause. These are our non-religeous items in the Minnie range.
The Holy Family kits include Mary and Baby, Jo, Gabe the angel Gabriel, and the 3 kings
Goldie, Frankie and Merv - their gifts being gold, frankincense and myrrh.
The kits provide everything needed to complete the chosen item.
The instructions are easy to follow and can be made by children as young as 8 years.
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